Our Services

Managed Campaigns

We have been sending and managing email campaigns for our clients since 2006 and have sent over 4000 campaigns to date, being Email Marketers ourselves we understand what it takes to achieve a high response rate and convert them into qualified leads. Our managed clients benefit from the following services.

Campaign Creation and Management

Our in-house campaign managers can help with creating custom templates by understanding your business model as a whole and your marketing goals. A dedicated manager can produce miraculous results for your marketing activities. We will dedicate someone who will understand your business, your clients and what you are trying to achieve through email marketing. We will then provide you with the necessary input, help create the campaign, design the landing pages and time the campaigns right to achieve optimum results from your prospects.

Delivery Doctor

Our aim is to help you achieve the highest possible deliverability without compromising your content and campaign goals. Optimising your delivery rate depends on various factors and these factors need to be taken into consideration from the time of campaign creation until after the campaign is sent by keeping a keen eye on reporting and analysis. A delivery expert is required to keep your campaigns in line with best practice guidelines, they monitor campaign behaviour, click through ratios, spam reports and keep the Opt – Outs and bounces in check, Reports and Knowledge gained from each email campaign is then carefully processed and applied as feedback for future campaigns. The idea is to improve results and increase response ratio on every consequent campaign.