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Welcome to EmailSphere Ingenious Email Marketing!

Email Sphere provides you with your own Email Publishing and Marketing Platform. It is a feature rich easy to use application which allows you to send thousands of emails in no time. Use it for broadcasting news, sending reports and attachments, launching products, market awareness, brand re-enforcement, crisis management, product recall or simply to keep your customers informed.

Our robust platform can fully automate your email marketing strategy, built in CRM allows you to create fields, profile your customers and send highly targeted and customised campaigns. Modelling advanced KYC (Know Your Customer) philosophy, the software is designed to conduct surveys and collect customer feedback. This promotes a true iterative business model by making your organisation receptive to your customer's needs.

Build for creating long term customer relationships, EmailSphere is a power packed email marketing solution that can be enjoyed by SME's and Corporates alike.

Email Automation

Customer engagement without wasting precious time. Set auto follow ups on customers who have purchased from you or shown certain behaviour while viewing your emails.

Event Marketing

Set triggers to highlight events, surprise them with a birthday or anniversary message showing gratitude. Send recurring emails on specific events, send promotions and offerings at targeted times.

Customer Profiling

Segment your customers based on attributes you create, send targeted emails according to their requirements, location, hobbies, links they click and type of products they show interest in.

Surveys, Polls and Feedbacks

Conduct market and product research through email surveys, run polls and petition sign ups, identify better customer needs and improve your service offerings through customised feedback forms.

Iterative Intelligence

Designed to encourage iterative business modelling it makes your organisation receptive to your customers needs allowing a truly customer centric approach.

Email Intelligence

Mine your data to granular detail, from open and click through rates to information on viral sharing of your emails amongst friends and colleagues. Analyse and improve your campaigns to achieve higher ROI.

  • Marketing and Awareness
  • Branding
  • Customer Retention
  • Lead Engagement
  • Understanding Customer Requirements
  • Petitions, Polls, Votes and Feedbacks
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  • Market Research
  • Product Sensitivity Checks
  • Increasing Customer Base
  • Improve Sales Performance
  • Crisis Management
  • Promotions and Event Marketing